Simple Investment Ideas For Beginners

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Some of us grow up in wealthy households and learn how to invest from our family. However, the majority of us don’t have that kind of experience and exposure to investments, so it feels like an unreachable goal––a foreign idea. Most people secretly wonder if they’ll ever have enough money to even fund their investment dreams because they think they need large sums of money. This isn’t always true because there are a few ways to invest with smaller amounts of money, but you should keep in mind “the greater the risk, the greater the reward”. It is true that your investments have a higher chance of success (higher returns) with more money you invest. Sheesh. Just diving into that little bit of financial talk has the ability to conjure up anxious thoughts, but we’ve got the effective, pure CBD vape juice from CBDfx. A quick taste of your favorite vape juice provides the perfect state of mind to tackle finances and assess how much you can afford to invest.

Most of us don’t even think about investing in our future until we’ve reached our 30’s. Waiting this long is the first mistake because the sooner you start to strategize, the more chance you have at being successful. Regardless of age, if you’re in the beginning stages of investing and want to get started soon, you’re going to need money to invest. You may come into a large sum of money that you can work with, but if not, the best thing to do is start saving a little bit of money every week. Don’t be afraid to go old school and save money in a jar if you have to, but you can just as easily head down to the bank and open a savings account. Try to find an account that allows your money to earn some interest as it sits, rather than an account that charges you a monthly fee.

Gold Bars & Coins

Once you have some funds to work with, it’s time to decide where to put your money! A simple investment is purchasing gold coins or bars. If you think about it, gold always appreciates, and people have sought it out since ancient times. Don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon! It’s a straightforward process. You need to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable gold dealer because investment quality gold needs to be 99.5 % pure gold. Your gold bar should have the name of the manufacturer, weight, purity, and the purity of the gold stamped on the front.

Digital Real Estate

The process of flipping houses makes people millions every year. Digital real estate focuses on the same idea, except you’re flipping websites. If you think about it, every day, millions of people are moving about on the web and traveling to different sites. This traffic affords these sites the ability to monetize and generate income through affiliate marketing, ads, and much more. The size of your investment varies depending on the amount of work you want to put into the site. You can build the website or buy one that’s already up and running. You also need to invest the time needed to create engaging content that will drive traffic and ultimately allow you to start generating money off of the site. When the website has enough traffic and you see it’s thriving, you can keep it going or sell it for profit and start the process all over again. Once you get the process down, you can have a few different sites going all at once!

Robo Advisors

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Does the idea of an algorithm creating your stock portfolio freak you out? Sure, that’s the natural first thought. Still, people all over the globe see significant returns on minimal investments with Robo advisors. The selling point of this investment option is that there are very low opening balances, some as low as 500.00 dollars or less! Oh, and it’s worth noting that this investment model took home a Nobel prize––so something’s special about it!

Invest In Yourself

It seems like many people forget to invest in themselves. If you have a hobby, that’s your passion; you should invest in making your dreams come true. Surely you’ve heard the saying that you have to do what makes you happy, so it doesn’t feel like work! So, get the software you need to write that script, or buy the paints needed to craft that museum-worthy masterpiece––it’s in you––you’ve got to share it with the world!


It’s 2020––investment opportunities are endless. Seriously, the sky’s the limit! All it takes is discipline, planning, and determination to execute your plan. These are just some simple investment ideas for beginners. You know, to get the feet wet, but once you get a feel for investing, you’ll have your list going and be on your way to financial freedom! Congrats, this is only the beginning!

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