How to Choose the Type of Sunglasses for your Face Shape

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There’s really no big Science behind choosing the right sunglasses. You just have to remember some tips like functional elements, design, and the right pairs for your face shape.

Generally, you should choose the frame that suits the shape of your face. Of course, the key lies in knowing the shape of your face. If you aren’t sure, you can land on buying spectacles that don’t really emphasize your facial features and don’t look good on you.

Here is a guide that can help you in finding the right sunglasses Layoners:

  1. Oval

Do you have an oval face? If you have an oval face, you can choose any bifocals because it can look great on you.

Oval faces have even features and are slightly rounded. This is why almost any type of frame can suit them very well.

You can wear a sporty, elegant or fashionable pair. Just make sure not to choose oversized frames that can cover your event features.

Don’t choose the one that is wider than your face. It’s best to fit a pair that covers from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.

2. Round

Round faces have emphasized curves and fewer angles. So, go with sharp, angular frames that can make your face thinner and longer.

Choosing round frames can even make your face rounder. Instead, pick rectangular, wrap, shield and square sunglasses like Aviators. Frames that are colorful and high on the temple also look good with a round face.

3. Oblong or Rectangular

Oblong or rectangular faces have narrow and long features and minimal angles. Avoid frames with rounded corners and softer lines.

Shades that are oversized, large wayfarer, rectangular lenses and those with thick frames suit you best. You can also go with vintage style frames and those with deep or tall lenses that give your face a sharp and edgy look.

Opt for shield, square, wayfarer, wrap and rectangle styles. Never buy small frames.

4.  Square

The square face has equal length and width. It has a sharp jawline and wide forehead, so you should go for shades with rounded corners.

If you’re looking for a pair, you should select those with oval or round frames as it helps lessen the sharpness of your face. A square face complements well with round frames.

The best goggles included for this shape of face are round, butterflies, aviators or any glasses that have circular curves. Avoid edgy or angled pairs of glasses.

5.  Diamond

Diamond faces are characterized by wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and jawline. All frames can fit you as long as it suits your face proportions.

Don’t buy spectacles that are wider than your cheekbones because it makes it look wider. The best frames are those that are oval, rimless and have gentle curves.

Cat-eye glasses are suitable for you if you want a vintage look as it focuses more on your temples rather than your jawline. Oval glasses are the perfect choice since it contrasts the shape of your face. You can opt for thick frames or rimless depending on your style.

6.  Heart or Triangular

If you have a heart-shaped face, you have the temples as widest and the chin as the narrowest part of your face. Wayfarer glasses suit best for this type of face because it looks wider at the top than the bottom.

Rectangular glasses are also suitable for this face shape as it balances the curves of your face. You can also opt for thin metal frames in light color because it minimizes your features from looking top-heavy.

Cat-eye and rounded frames can make your look more balanced. Wear shades like rimless, butterflies, shields, and aviators.

Oval glasses look best for you because it balances and softens your base-up triangle face. It also minimizes your cheekbones.

Semi-rimless and rimless sunglasses with tall lens height are also perfect for your heart-shaped face. The rimless feature of the glasses can provide a lighter look without emphasizing your strong features.

Choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape is very important because it emphasizes your face assets and hides your less desirable features. It should also depend on your lifestyle. Invest in the right spectacles that you can wear perfectly on different occasions.

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