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We have all seen the impact of promotional umbrellas, with their differing custom designs and corporate logo’s being shown with great effect. So, whether you want to promote your company, sports team, charitable organisation, or others, it is certainly worth considering.

There are many opportunities to gain large scale promotion with umbrellas, such as corporate golf days, whereby umbrellas are often highly visible and have enough scale of size to really make your brand sing. Indeed, golf days are often on TV or gain press coverage, along with many other events, such as the notoriously rainy Wimbledon Tennis tournament – where promotional umbrellas are hugely visible to the world.

Aside from the practicalities of simply keeping dry during a downpour or light drizzle, umbrellas that are customized towards your company, team or association generally, have a way of creating a bond to a brand that is unique. Even the history of the umbrella is within our DNA as evidence of umbrellas date back many thousands of years. The word Umbrella is taken from the Latin, Umbra, this means dark or shadow, which of course is giving reference to the dark rain clouds we all are familiar with to this day. Umbrellas and parasols have been in existence for more than 4000 years where the Chinese people invented and subsequently utilised this product for generations, however there were differing uses for umbrellas. In Northern Europe where the climate was wetter, these products tended to be used for shielding the people from harsh rainstorms, whereas in many other parts of the world, the beating sun also required protection for its people.

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Nowadays, despite the obvious practicality of an umbrella, people are embracing the promotional opportunity more and more, with sophisticated printing methods and design tools available, companies like Custom Planet, are excelling towards logos and designs only possible with the state-of-the-art equipment required for large scale product printing. Using screen printing on umbrellas, certainly gives the best results regarding colours and definition, but also the scale possible for your company logo or association, is significant. Custom Planet promotional umbrellas team are the genuine experts to ensure your logo or design genuinely sing while the quality of their umbrellas are second to none and are built to last, which is one of the most important aspects to make sure your brand is there for the long term. Well worth considering this significant branding and promotional route.


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