Can a Freelancer Get a Business Credit Card?

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Yes, freelancers and sole proprietors can get a business credit card. Business credit cards are often seen as something that only larger enterprises can really benefit from. However, sole proprietorships, which may include freelancers and small businesses owned by one person, can also utilize business credit cards.

What are some of the best reasons to apply for a business credit card as a freelancer or sole proprietor? Here are four of the biggest reasons to consider a business credit card as a freelancer.

1. Separate Business Purchases From Personal Purchases

First and foremost, a business credit card allows you to easily separate your business purchases from your personal purchases. As a business, you can legally claim certain things on your taxes, but you need to know exactly what you’re able to claim. If you have a specific business credit card that you purchase all your business products on, you can more easily track your business spending and claim it on your taxes at the end of the year.

2. Use Rewards for Personal and Business Reasons

When you use a business credit card, you’ll likely be able to earn rewards. Many business credit cards offer a pretty significant rewards program, and that means you may be able to get rewards that you can redeem for a number of benefits. However, you don’t have to use those benefits just for your business. You can also use those rewards for personal benefits, which can be a great way to save extra money in your personal life.

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3. Avoid Annual Fees

A surprising number of business credit cards don’t come with an annual fee. Because many credit card companies assume that businesses will use their credit cards more frequently, it’s not uncommon to see business credit cards with great rewards programs that don’t have annual fees or have very low fees. This is a great way to avoid out-of-pocket expenses for your business as you’re looking for credit card options.

4. Utilize a Sign-Up Bonus

A sign-up bonus can be a great way to get even more rewards from a new credit card. When it comes to business purchases, this is one of the reasons that some people may wait until they have a large business purchase coming up to sign up for a new credit card. The Chase Ink bonus, for example, is $750, and it requires you to spend $7,500 on purchases within the first three months that you have the card open.

What can you do?

Business credit cards can be a great way for many different types of people to save money. Whether you have a large corporation or you have a small sole proprietorship, business credit cards can help you save extra money and do more with the purchases that you make. Whether you’re looking to get your first-ever business credit card or you’ve used credit cards before and you’re just looking to invest in a new one, these are a few of the reasons that you might want to consider signing up for your own business credit card.

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